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Dry needling

level 3

course description

This Dry Needling (DN) – Hybrid Level III course is designed to further develop and reinforce the use of specific examination and treatment skills that facilitate the reduction of pain and dysfunction in patients with general neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. Instruction focuses on the use of dry needling (DN) techniques using solid filament needles directed at select trigger points and soft tissue impairments in the extremities and spine. This course builds on our Level I and II courses where we use case examples to discuss the clinical rationale and utilization of different DN techniques complimented with other manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education techniques.   Participants will further investigate how to use the needle as an extension of their hands while maintaining safety in different patient positions in muscles learned in levels I and II. Additionally, this course introduces muscles usually managed on a lower frequency basis as they are not covered in levels I or II courses.


Participants are required to successfully complete SPTE’s Introduction to Dry Needling -Hybrid Level I course or have completed another level I dry needling course. SPTE will review the previous educator’s content to determine SPTE Level III qualification. Please contact SPTE at with any questions prior to signing up for our Level III course.


18 contact hours (16 hours for 2-day onsite lecture/laboratory session, 2 hours of pre-course online content)

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