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Specialized Physical Therapy Education offers quality educational opportunities to practicing clinicians in the area of musculoskeletal physical therapy and rehabilitation to enhance personal professional development and to contribute to the profession’s vision of evidence-based autonomous practice.  SPTE seeks to provide a variety of opportunities for professional growth, while taking into account your current practice, professional goals, and personal life, with opportunities to continue to expand ones knowledge. 

Dry Needling Specialization

Get Certified in Dry Needling by completing all three of SPTE's Dry Needling Courses. The certification process starts with a Level One Introduction Course which includes a blended learning format including readings, video presentations, forum discussion and a pre-course quiz prior to the start of our in-person education. At the conclusion of the in-person course, participants will demonstrate competency in all muscles and nerve paths they have been for that course while still having access to their online content. 

At the conclusion of Level One, participants will be eligible to complete either of the Expert Level Two Courses. Our Expert Courses are divided into the Upper Quadrant and Lower Quadrant. They are provided via a patient case format integrating clinical reasoning through more complicated needle placement of deeper more delicate muscles.

Participants who complete all three courses will become "Certified in Dry Needling" with 54 CEU's making them eligible to utilize dry needling in nearly every state.  Make sure to check your state practice act to know your requirements.

Dry Needling Expert Certification Rings.

Specialization pathways

Ortho Residency


Advance your clinical practice on all levels with SPTE’s Orthopedic Residency. Our ABPTRFE accredited program provides a structured, multidimensional educational program addressing all three levels of learning from the psychomotor application of skills, one’s knowledge base in critiquing and implementing the most current practice guidelines, and helping you apply this to your practice ever refining your clinical decision making and patient care outcomes.  Click here for the SPTE Orthopedic Residency curriculum.


  • 18 month distance education learning model with a standardized curriculum in all required components of the APTA’s Description of Specialty Practice

  • Receive direct one-on-one live patient care mentoring and hands on skills practice to maximize your patient outcomes

  • Upon completion of the residency you will be eligible to sit for the Orthopedic Clinical Specialty Examination as a resident graduate

Ortho Speciality

SPTE ORTHOPEDIC Apprenticeship

Don't have the time to complete a full residency but want all the same benefits? Check out our Orthopaedic Clinical Apprenticeship program. In this model, participants experience all the same benefits of completing a residency program but in an on-demand style learning model. Participants will have access to weekly online videos, discussion with residents and faculty as well as in-person and virtual mentorship all at a pace that fits your lifestyle.   Click here for the SPTE Apprenticeship Course Outlines.


  • On-Demand learning with video presentations via Microsoft TEAMS Classroom

  • Access to ongoing resident discussion and in-depth readings regarding current orthopedic evaluation and treatment topics.

  • Hands on instruction and feedback with the application of various soft tissue, joint and neurodynamic mobilizations and manipulation. 

  • Corrective Exercise integration based on patients needs.

  • In-Person Clinical Mentorship with an SPTE Mentor working with you during your patient care. 

  • Upon completion of the coursework, you will have the knowledge base to sit for the Orthopedic Clinical Specialty Exam

Ortho Academic

SPTE ORTHOPEDIC Specialty Tracks

With SPTE’s Specialty track, you can take one or all four on-demand core courses including Expert Clinical Reasoning, Expert in Spine Care, and Expert of the Upper and/or Lower Quadrant. This model is ideal for clinic teams to complete together to enhance collaboration in patient care and to create a common language for all therapists to use regardless of prior education. Each course has 2-4 hours of Virtual mentorship built in to refine your skills. Ask about our clinic pricing options.


  • Virtual mentorship integrating an Expert Clinical Reasoning model based on specialty area

  • Further your knowledge in the current best evaluation and treatment options for orthopedic conditions

  • Create a culture of collaborative care in your department creating a common language. 

  • Upon completion of all the coursework, you will have the knowledge base to sit for the Orthopedic Clinical Specialty Exam

Mentored Clinical Practice

SPTE mentored

clinical practice

Continually looking to serve the patients you see most often in YOUR practice?  After completing the Expert Clinical Reasoning course the clinical mentorship is developed to reinforce the content in your daily practice. With the mentorship component of SPTE, you will continue to develop critical thinking skills through all elements of a patients care. SPTE clinical faculty will work with you in your clinic with your patients. 


  • Reinforce clinical reasoning skills

  • Identify key elements of pattern recognition and hypothesis development

  • Provide effective, efficient care identifying a treatment threshold early in care to ensure the greatest recovery and prognosis for your patients

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